Leadership Team

Our leadership team and teachers that bring learning to life are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day.

They foster exploration and innovation, drawing on students’ passions, talents and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child -- academically, socially, and emotionally.

Leadership Team
Principal Cheryl Merryweather
Assistant Principal Stephen Bushell
Assistant Principal Megan Rodriguez
Leader of Mission & Evangelisation Sean Finucane
Leader of Learning & Teaching Declan Horan
Leader of System Analytics Nicole Nakwaski
Leader of Wellbeing Jennifer Wakeling
Leader of Professional Learning & Diversity Michael Finucane
PA/Registrar Julia Haroon
Business Manager John Bennett


Leaders of Learning
Religious Education Janina Cejka
English Ian Murphy
Assistant English Caitlyn Tuckerman
Mathematics Veronica Verdi
Assistant Mathematics Dianne Ley
Science Andrew Millar
Assistant Science Zoe Bianchi
Technology & Applied Studies Melanie Powell
Creative and Performing Arts Jason Smolen
HSIE Nat Wooldridge
Languages Alexandra McGowan
PDHPE Xanthe Dwyer
Learning Support Coordinator  Kim Palmer
VET Pathways Coordinator Tim Dickinson
Teacher Librarian Kate Cowper
 ICT Department Antonio Natale
 Leader of Pathways & Partnerships Daniel Morin


Leaders of Pastoral Care (Year Coordinators)
Year 7 Nicole Adams
Year 8 Danny Phillips
Year 9 Rachel Foster
Year 10 Scott Garland
Year 11 Marian Samuel
Year 12 Jessica Bell