Subject Selections

At Gilroy Catholic College, we provide personalised learning experiences to meet the individual needs of each student.

Teaching and learning across all faculties encourages critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, and independent learning.

The subject selection process is an important step in your child’s learning journey and we aim to provide parents and students with a clear understanding of the subjects available to them. We recommend that students choose subjects in which they have a genuine interest, ones that they feel they are good at, that fit with their learning styles, that prepare them for future study and work, and that align with career interests and keep career options open.

To help facilitate students in their decision-making the College has produced a short video for each subject offered. We share the benefits of the subject and what other subjects or career paths the subject relates to.

We encourage you to watch and discuss these videos with your child.

(Please note for an optimal viewing experience select the full screen option in YouTube).














Want to learn more?

If you have further questions around subject selection, please feel free to call our friendly College staff on 8853 8200, weekdays during school hours.