STEM Day 2020

While COVID-19 has presented many challenges and a new normal for both teachers and students around the world, Gilroy Catholic College Year 7 students have thrived using their 21st century skills to tackle their learning in these uncertain times.

This term, students have focused on principles of Design Thinking and the Scientific Method and the second last day of Term has seen these young problem solvers consolidate their learning in the 2020 STEM Project Day. 

The day saw students working collaboratively to design a Rube Goldberg machine of chain reactions to solve a simple task. 

Student’s Sophie and Jemma commented, that while the process of “Design, Test, Observe, Modify” requires a lot of patience, they have loved combining their Science, Maths and Engineering skills to solve problems.

These young learners have seen the 21st century skills they have developed in STEM, such as problem solving, communication and resilience, have real world application as not only they, but the rest of the world, navigate a new normal in the face of global change.

See photos of the day here!